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6 hours to finished drawing a painting is creation of  nervous state

Xu Jinjing: without a moment's rest, so to speak, keep painting, also don't feel any tired. A surge of passion, I kept painting ah.
Prime minister, faces the most difficult to draw, in a short period of time to complete the painting, no photo of my creation, but with the more custom portrait painting enjoyable. Drawing lines is coarser, need a little farther to see subtle expressions of the characters. So I draw the picture when the prime minister's face, see the effect will be a little bit far back. Is not very sure. But the little girl's expression in painting, I only sketch for a pen, two incredibly is my results, this gives me great confidence. Painting with emotion is a process of constantly give his surprise.
People recognize the prime minister
Q: can be short time to blow dry hair dryer oil painting? Not afraid to destroy the painting?
Xu Jinjing: actually I also don't know, I want to always faster than natural dry. Also, is my own hand to blow, should be able to control. On January 27, 28, two days, from 10 a.m. to 10 o 'clock at night, I only do one thing, is holding hair dryer blowing on the picture. Blow the ages, the surface is almost half done, I'm desperate. 28 and found that stretched painting wooden frame was hot air blown from drier deformation. I thought to cheap portrait painting myself, too bad, wooden frame deformation, painting will have a problem? But this time, I am surprised to find that, two-thirds of the painting has been done! It looks like, hair dryer or effective, wooden frame deformation, such as a big deal to draw dry, guy once again.
I was with a group of retired old woman rent a studio in Spain, they are idle nothing, to learn to draw. When I was in blow picture, there is a Spanish woman ever to studio, when she saw my paintings, blurt out, immediately recognize me is the prime minister of China! She's just a very ordinary citizens in Spain, she also know that our prime minister.
When all the work is done, is already late at night on January 28th, I looked at his painting a good prime minister, a position in the heart. In foreign buildings of the studio, I slipped back a few steps, a person quietly looking at the prime minister and benevolent countenance, admiration from poured into the bottom of my heart, I deeply bowed to the prime minister.
"Mom excited to tears"
Q: the title as the "cuddle", what do you think?
Xu Jinjing: "nestle" in Spanish, or can be translated as "'s apoyo ", and "'s apoyo "has the meaning of" support "in there, I also want to express our indirectly to the prime minister's international students in Spain for his support, support for the party and the state.
Q: why do you finished the painting but not personally deliver the support to the prime minister's hands?
Xu Jinjing: although the creative process is I a person going on, but I am a representative of the Chinese students, salamanca could even say that I am on behalf of the entire Chinese students preparing gifts for the prime minister of Spain. After all, is limited to attend interview, in which I, can paint a picture for the prime minister, did you have to do, is already very satisfied

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