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In oil painting dry time,a painting from conception to completion takes a long time

Xu Jinjing: fastest also want to a week or two to draw a picture. Oil painting surface dry need at least 2-3 weeks, if you want a painting to dry all, at least more than a month.
At the time, I actually have no more time to think these, only in the heart, let me draw a picture to premier wen, in any case, I have to paint. Painting, however, if you have feelings, is will draw more and more to fit in and is likely to custom oil painting have extraordinary performance. In the end, I really can't believe, I actually did it!
Photos as a blueprint to composition
Q: the painting prime minister in a face of dignified, you named "nestle" and the composition of a picture is said to have come from a news picture?
Xu Jinjing: in fact, the composition of this picture from both Zhang Xinwen pictures. Shoot the same scene, is a positive close shot, is a vision. Decided to prime minister as the leading role creation, I quickly get to the Internet to find all kinds of news photos, the prime minister with two small photo of a girl into my eyes, suddenly hit my heart, touched me.
This photo when the earthquake will leave deep impression to me, it is the subtext of the prime minister said: as long as people are, we must be custom oil reproductions able to ride out the storm. I immediately decided to this scenario as a blueprint for the creation of images.
My photos as a blueprint to the composition of a picture. In the prime minister's face is selected the second vision: eyes around watching the crowds, full of care and love, one hand take a girl; The child's posture is selected the first, because the children in this picture look very clear, they naturally leaned her head against the prime minister, like depend on his grandpa, there is no distance.
For six hours
Q: put the ideas into pictures, how long did it take?
Xu Jinjing: six hours. On January 24th afternoon, got a message from the President, the evening spent three or four hours to get to the Internet to find images, sketching, the design, the second day early in the morning, I send sketches to grow, he says is very good, let I immediately began to write. But the day is the weekend, Spain's stores don't open the door, only to wait until January 26, the first up in the morning to buy the canvas. Buy the canvas, I draw for 6 hours in the studio, a piece of white cloth into a picture. Painting is finished, I'm in the store is closed bought a hair dryer to blow dry before painting

Domestic also have oil painting buyers over the past two years, some media oil painting also interested in him. He likes Chinese art oil painting market