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Close is a picture from the earthquake stricken area in sichuan boy hand painting

To study fine arts at the university of salamanca in Spain Xu Jinjing sichuan students learned that premier wen jiabao will visit Spain, spent two days, as prime minister created this oil painting. In Madrid on January 31, premier wen custom portrait painting jiabao met with Chinese consulate in Spain made on behalf of the staff, overseas Chinese, students, received a special gift - the painting is according to the xinhua news agency reporter when premier wen jiabao in beichuan middle school, command relief a picture taken just after the wenchuan earthquake in sichuan two little girls nestled in wen arms tightly news photos of creation. Because Xu Jinjing university and far to Madrid, he failed to rushed to the scene personally to send drawing to premier wen jiabao, the Chinese students at the university of Madrid presents completed the desire to help him. This is the premier after receiving this special gift, using a mobile phone on the spot and Xu Jinjing calls, to express their gratitude and give Xu Jinjing happy New Year. The xinhua news agency reporters LanGongGuang perturbation
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Xu Jinjing in painting
"Painting is finished, I will give premier wen wholesale portrait painting deeply bowed in the picture." Study in Spain Xu Jinjing muckraking sichuan college students, only spend two days the creation of oil painting "close", on January 31 by the Spanish Chinese students represent as a gift to wen is on a visit to Spain. Xu Jinjing also received a phone call from prime minister wen jiabao personally to thank.
Recently, the reporter transatlantic connection is Spanish salamanca university fine arts learning of junior students Xu Jinjing, listen to him tell his idea of a country and the prime minister.
For the man who makes me respect to paint
Q: how do you want to draw a picture as a gift to wen?
Xu Jinjing: lunar 29 in the afternoon, salamanca Chinese students association President presents to call me, said premier wen jiabao will visit to Spain, I hope I can draw a picture as a gift to premier wen, express the city all Chinese students love and admiration for prime minister.
Q: President of how to find you, you also agreed without hesitation?
Xu Jinjing: salamanca university should be to Spain's oldest existing university, about 300 Chinese students here, only I a person is to learn art. Last December, salamanca for the Chinese film week, posters and brochures are designed by me, plus I am sichuan people, President may suddenly think of me.
President when looking for me, half a year ago when the earthquake scene immediately scenes flashed in my mind like a movie. Premier wen jiabao immediately rushed to the disaster area, in the mountains, and in the field, at school, in every corner of the earthquake, his figure is so clear, so touching, you know, the prime minister's more than 60 years old. For such a to my respected person to create a picture,

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