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Characteristics of the modern oil painting, say a few words for the modern painting art

At the turn of the century, jiangsu oil painting intends to convene a seminar about jiangsu fine arts theory. Presided over the meeting of the art critic Ma Hongzeng Sir, want me to talk from the perspective of oil painting art in jiangsu. Review, reflection and outlook, also didn't sort out the mess, way of thinking is often interrupted by outside the proposition of interest, squeeze out some of the cliches, even oneself all feel portrait painting disappointed, it is not a job. But I was unwilling, just change the subject, the original train of thought was interrupted in the breakpoint, open free to the imagination, I at ordinary times some real idea the negative feelings as much as possible. In the following word phrases, is living between the new and old painter of jiangsu friends, cross a thought to communicate easily, because I lived among them.

One, the amateur

For me this less than 40 people, the word "amateur" does not feel strange, though I don't know much about Beijing Opera, but I still custom oil painting feel the Peking Opera art in China, in particular times and its influence, its mass base. But the odd thing is to rise to the top in the Peking Opera art in that era, that children born but interest in it began to decline. Mei lanfang era has become the past, this is the reality, although we try to promote it, our media as much as possible, leave space for it, and even occasionally can see kids sing applause, this cold wants to revive the phenomenon, but has the feeling of pack a facade. Actually we don't have to worry about the Peking Opera art alive, because mei lanfang will forever left to humans. The continuation of traditional can only lead to aftertaste, humans need review and reflection, but more need to fantasy, look forward to, this is the youth of oil painting the mind, why at the beginning "the road" of Chinese painting theory and the rise of modern painting, most for young people, this is not surprising. Their choice is not a problem, the problem is to don't understand they choose. China needs to modern art.

Beijing Opera is always the pride of Chinese people, now the children in the future will be proud of, but they probably won't be "amateur".

Second, the music out of the window

In the eyes of general, abstract painting is hard to appreciate, not only that. I noticed a piece of art paper, recently have a article about the oil painting reproductions nine domestic exhibition's comments, left so hastily towards the end of a sentence: "appear in the abstract paintings in this exhibition, for its future development, we has yet to be further inquiry". This description is not only the general cheap oil painting public, even some circle connoisseurs only reluctantly accepted.

My memory with a friend to "lay" positions of a conversation.

The music out of the window, "hear?" "Yes, very beautiful."

"Do you know music?" "I'm 'amateur'."

"What do you think it china oil painting beautiful?" "Yes, it is bring me good mood.

"Then know the name of this piece of music and what mean?" I don't know. "