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Simple honest wishes - Yang Feiyun emulational canvas oil painting printing

Due to the stability of the historical chance and a common inner orientation prompted we initiated and established the "Chinese realistic painting," three years, when we are to a painter, simple and honest wish to start, and we should pay some efforts and serious action, produces the petitions social effect is much more than we think. Therefore, first of all should thank our teacher taught us in the ability and the portrait painting quality of the art of painting, encouragement and support from all walks of life to us, thank you for art more thanks to this age for each one of us give full play to their ability to provide the possibility.
Realistic painting in China, after xinhai revolution, the accumulation of five generation of outstanding artists. Realistic oil painting is a way of painting in the west, but today has take root and grow in China. Realism is merely a custom oil painting means of drawing performance, rather than a painting, the purpose of exist in more realistic problems in advanced or backward, its real meaning is people's inner emotion, aesthetic awareness, mental state, and in the history of consummate skill is created by the great spiritual need, the extraordinary performance is to pass beyond painting ability of oil painting bearing, today. Face today in the era of rich and our inner desires, more need to expand and update performance means. "Everyone in the heart of have, are not included in other people's" state when it is our common pursuit of realistic painting. "Chinese realistic painting" the natural form, with condensed quickly a group of like-minded, strength strong, artists of different oil painting reproductions styles to each member, inspire each other, effect each other, make each person obtained the real progress, we study the classic, imitating the nature, pay close attention to reality, love life, the true, the good and the core values of beauty. In the future there will be more excellent realism painter in went together, make its get greater development.
Jilin art press and ya chang to China's cheap oil painting first large-scale high simulation picture album, select all the artist's latest book, "the Chinese realistic painting" is our common honored, using high-tech means, the original oil painting effect maximum is presented to the audience, and each work, to more than one local amplification technique is more subtle charm, fully display works for print accuracy china oil painting of present oil painting, there is no doubt that this is for the painter and study the oil painting of a boon.
We have a feel for quite a long time, often take a bad picture printed matters, good picture printing is bad. Ingenious good picture of the seal not to come out, but not how to draw the printing also like. We often coming out from the world each big museum, excitedly looking for master classic print, whether single or album, each see disappointed, because too far away from the original effect, is a word that is not accurate. Museum of China there is no oil painting, and good time and place are very important exhibition co., LTD., most people who study the oil painting is according to the print, is misleading. I have pay the cost.
I think jilin fine arts publishing house combines these pioneering move printing artron registered high-tech craft of far-reaching significance, the amplification of the local in-depth study, study, copy, and even criticism are holographic, more accurate basis is provided, and at the same time it brings challenge to artists, magnify problems and the local artists will be exposed to amplify the insufficient place, this will cause the artists to create active thinking and more careful. I am looking forward to the change on the one hand, to learn and progress of Chinese oil painting play a positive role.