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Part of oil painting business in xiamen collective "flight" orders and exports were down

In march and April this year, is located in the lake of tsann kuen old workshop will be written a garden, there will be more than 200 oil painting business in, this is a treat for xiamen oil painting industry. But the reporter survey found yesterday: influenced by factors such as economy and fierce competition, xiamen oil painting business orders and export prices have fallen, some bear's paintings, is a collective "flight".
【 key words 】
"Veteran" oil painting business to flee
"Next month, I will leave xiamen to hangzhou." In xiamen oil export business for many years a face of helpless Mr Li about this matter. Mr Li is a "veteran" xiamen oil painting industry, went to xiamen in 1988, the business is high-end painting, corporate brand in the industry also calculate a ring. According to him, now he has three stores in Ukraine shipu, "are now contact, a transfer after I left xiamen thoroughly, plans to continue to develop hangzhou."
Lee said, like he, xiamen has more than ten do good painting marketing firms will leave. Reporter yesterday visited Ukraine shipu painting a street and see haicang painting street, many stores have been posted here transfer notice. Haicang painting street, a shop owner told reporters recently, transfer often happen here, "some transfer of three or four times a store half a year."
In shipu painting street ms zhang told reporters engaged in painting business for many years, since 2008, after the outbreak of the financial crisis, this is the second wave of xiamen oil painting industry merchants collective "flight", these companies' flight ', do better, some went to the field, some go abroad; If done poorly, he did directly, some stores while it's still in the business, but also has changed hands many times.
【 key words 】
The cost of
Order to reduce the price down
According to xiamen in fujian province collector association branch of Ding Jianna introduction, current xiamen oil painting are mainly divided into celebrity paint and business (i.e. export oil paintings, low - and more). custom portrait from china oil painting supplier Among them, the business market more than 90%. Xiamen oil painting industry association, vice President of the Yellow River said, the financial crisis, xiamen oil painting export prices have fallen the most severe, were yet to return to the price of the peak, "high-end painting, export price can hit RMB 1000 each, mid-range price is more than a few yuan to hundreds of yuan."
According to ms wu shipu oil painting, zhang, compared to its peak in 2007, the company's current export orders by 30% - 30% less, the price also fell by 20% - 30%. Affected by the crisis, the market purchasing power decline, has led to the dealer personnel away more than half of Chinese oil painting in Europe, "we do well the original British list, a better picture from us out, often can sell for 2000 yuan - 3000 yuan, but now almost no one is going to our list."
Orders declined at the same time, all kinds of costs are rising. "We rent from 30 yuan rose to 40 yuan per square meter, light rent, we cost is increased by more than 2000 yuan a month." Haicang canvas Chen said of the street, in addition, the prices and wages of painter of painting materials and also on the rise year by year, "this leads to profit space will be squeezed, continuously many people stay not bottom go to."
【 key words 】
The boss more than a painter
It is understood that the current xiamen oil painting industry there is a problem: fierce competition. The Yellow River said,custom couple portrait painting USA now more than 1000 paintings in xiamen, mainly distributed in shipu street painting street and haicang oil paintings. "With more than two years ago, many a times." The Yellow River said, plus the wen gen garden by tsann kuen factory will put into use in April this year, or will have more than 200 paintings, collective presence, estimates the total will continue to grow.
It was reported that more than 1000 paintings, only a few people made the brand, and many are new. "New paintings, many is a painter, also have a plenty of processors. Being circulated in a word, the boss is more than the number of painters." The industry insiders said. In order to seize the market, price nature is inevitable, "some of the oil painting business in order to lower costs, won't please painter, but you draw students, a monthly salary is 1000 yuan, in addition, used for mounting frame also is bad, very cheap."
In pursuit of lower cost, some painters also started from down. "I know a few more outstanding painter, had always paint high-end, is now down to in the end, because that can save time, large volume." Said a person familiar with the matter, a Zhang Zhongduan export price is half of high-end painting oil painting, but draw a high-end painting to 3 days, and painting in the end is just a day, so, after the "mass production" making money is fast

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