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At first glance,lisa -mans' picture,people can produce illusion:this is to draw or photos

Mans' painting in the performance of the environment and the human body has reached the photos of degree, especially in the bath or pool of figure painting, such as the water environment, puts the body of the vivid transparent medium such as water, steam, water, glass, through to the distortion of the image and abstract processing, has caused more intense sense of reality. Under her brush bath female image more become after DE plus in the contemporary interpretation of the bath woman's most representative. Mans Banks were seen as "photographic realism" representatives of a new generation of artists,masterpiece oil painting by hand painted china but she didn't recognized this title. The 34-year-old woman painter said she did not mean to "create" for photo again, she pursues is more real than photography and even "more real than real" characters.
Models are often themselves
And degas men to spy out of perspective
Mans, painting in the image of men and women, the elderly also have children, but young women accounted for most. Mans' why fall in love with a woman? She explained in an interview with the media, as a woman, understand water droplets or other material stays in the woman feel on the skin, making her when painting women more than men do. Mans' are not used to using the model, in her paintings, often in an image is her own. This, particularly early in her paintings. Later, the mans Banks began to family and friends into the frame. As the model in the Smirk (Smirk) is her sister-in-law, and "the Laughing Girl" (Laughing Girl) is one of her bestfriend. In a word, she never you don't know or modelling with yourself it doesn't matter. "I'm drawing a person is talking to him/her in conversation. If I don't know them, they are more like an object, rather than a vivid subject."
Mans, describes the woman in the bath is beginning think is following the French impressionists DE plus in the contemporary interpretation of the bath woman's most representative. In the traditional painting depicting the woman in the bath, in voyeurism, more is a type of male perspective. Bath women often face or body shy or unwittingly become the depicted objects, one of the most typical example is the degas bath female image. Mans, think you are different from the male perspective, bath female faces myriad true form. They laugh or cry, or squinting or stare, or thoughtful, or in watching,custom pet portrait by hand painted in china or a kiss. In the bath female expression, there is a natural relaxation.
It may be with them in the bath when the identity of the sketch object but was not related to the subject. Mans' through the photo finish painting process, and then directly according to picture drawing, her picture perspective tend to be camera features. Usually, mans, a series of pictures to go with thousands of photo. Her through the careful study in the picture, looking for what you want to color and feeling, at the same time outside the photos to create again. In 2009, in an interview with Britain's daily telegraph, mans, said: "I pursue in the painting is better than the real true character, even more than the degree of real photos."
Mans, stressed that her paintings can't completely like photos, and she had no intention of "re-creation" to a photograph. To outside call her the "photographic realism painter" on the label, mans, I don't agree with. She said on many occasions, gave her such a call is for true photographic realism artists "insult". She further explained that her painting is not like a real photographic realism painting to be compact, smooth, if people see the paint or thick or light oil painting, would not think of this is looking at a photograp

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