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As a landscape painter,Zhang Xinquan initially had a crush on natural scenery and rural painting subject matter

But in his country sketch works, already vaguely revealed his sensitive and concern for industrialization, motorcycle, oxygen bottles, cans and so on information appear constantly in his sketch pictures, custom oil painting by hand painted later, his vision began to explicitly touches on fishing boats dock, the factory gates, agricultural machinery such as tractors and other graphic elements in the scene. This time, can be said to be Zhang Xinquan painting subjects and language to explore the initial trajectory of a natural and integral.
Zhang Xinquan painting, however, to explore the real mutation in 2002, due to a painting titled "glamour", historical buildings in Shanghai as the main body painting completed. Although this is just a accidental chance, but the result is an inevitable choice for Zhang Xinquan, from his since the early 1980 s, a group of all nations buildings reflect Shanghai series pen sketch, has revealed he is sensitive to urban landscape characteristic and drunk, so his desire for urban and industrial material and complex than on a whim, but for a long time. In October 2003, when the second edition of "glamour" Zhang Xinquan in China art gallery, "the third China oil painting exhibition featured exhibition" exhibition of the evaluation of attention and get beyond his imagination, the surprise seems to be prompted him to quickly find the performance of urban landscape of art language, and seems to produce the expression with ease. However, when Zhang Xinquan besides intoxicated by the creation of a whole new experience, also has not fully realized the real meaning of the work for his personal art history. In 2004, another of his picture of old Shanghai city landscape oil painting "station" won "the 10th national art exhibition" bronze and collected by national art museum of China. The discovery of personal got the identity of the society, the expression of accidental fit the spirit of The Times. It was not until then that Zhang Xinquan seems suddenly realized that he has opened a new world of art.
Completely, therefore, may say, since the beginning of the "glamour", Zhang Xinquan creative language began to bid farewell to the previous some confusion and then into a brand-new thinking and creation to track, then turned to the shaping of the urban landscape, cultural landscape, and gradually will consciously "statues for industrial civilization" as its art direction. As he puts it: "for me, the emergence of the" glamour "may be a milestone, it divided my past and future, the correction of my pattern, and explore the urban landscape, especially the industrialization of people's life and emotional changes I'm more interested in."
The next 2005, 2005, Zhang Xinquan and continuous creation including "river", "the beach", "wind and cloud shiliupu", "the terminal", custom wedding portrait painting from photos "streetcar", "cross street" and "huangpu river" and so on a series of Shanghai urban landscape works, and thus pushes his painting style to a very mature and stable position.
Through Zhang Xinquan works, we see in Shanghai, is the street tram, steam boat docked, phonograph smelting and mysterious spirit's voice filled the air of old Shanghai. The industrial revolution period of the specific historical background, in the picture of the balance order, pale spicy deep, bus travel wave of schema language and follow one's inclinations of wisdom and light scattering of reason and passion collision, from another perspective, the schema of urban form, color and preferences as well as to the language understanding and expression, conform to the city's vicissitudes and life with feeling, also accord with the history of urban and industrial civilization and lament the psychological origin of inquiry. "Hard struggle, do nothing for the" used in the road to explore personal art, is the basic guarantee of its subjectivity and independent

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