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European artistic achievement  one hundred oil painting art exhibition held in tianjin 12

Western art gallery in tianjin will be on October 12, 2011 - on October 27, in western gallery "in one hundred, European oil painting art exhibition". Exhibition focused from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other European 19th and the 20th century's most representative classical oil painting, watches and clocks, candlestick, classic works of art such as 200 pieces of furniture, lamps and lanterns, both in scale and artistic quality and view and admire a gender, are rare in recent years in the city.
The exhibition by the tianjin western art gallery to the city's famous British collector, lasted for half a year to visit all over Europe, collected a large number of European master of art work, different schools from different aspects and different angles for the masses, a deeper understanding of European culture and professionals to provide a viewing platform. This batch of exhibits,custom handmade oil painting china nearly half of all from the world famous auction house Christie's and bonhams auction company. Among them, in the 19th century British famous painter, the royal artist association member Theodore Haynes (Theodore Hines) "landscape", in the 19th century British famous realist painter, member of the royal Scottish academy John Smart (John Smart) of the sunset was the first in the UK, and Germany's famous landscape painter Albert than us (Albert Bierstadt) German landscape, realism in the 19th century Italy famous painter, professor Mario chabad (Mario Ciappa) of the man smoking a pipe and so on one batch of euro-american people acclaimed the outstanding works will all meet with the audience.
European realism oil painting from France,  portrait into famous oil painting ,in the middle of the 19th century began to mature. Relying on "truth is beauty, beauty is in the style and the practical philosophy, realism artists use the brush outline of the scenery, the character of the continent, and mainly as light and space, showing the unique national style and exquisite style, give a person with beautiful delicate artistic enjoyment, at the same time as the mainstream art of Britain during world war ii, sought after by European artists from all over the world.
In the 19th century is the peak of European classical furniture, with the development of the industrial revolution, many artists began to go to the program and the creativity, emphasis on personalized interpretation and expression of art. In the schools of thought contend in the 19th century European art, all kinds of writer's subject matter from the society to the citizen class, from serious to ease, but classical furniture design are still remains of primitive simplicity is grave and do not break the characteristics of the sculpture, the wind of the noble. In addition, continental candlestick and clocks have been because of its unique history, luxuriant sense of modelling and nuanced portrait attracts many collection lovers.
The exhibition of works are mostly came to China for the first time across the English channel and into the guinness, collectors has spent great efforts to western art on their own gallery, fully embodies the collector patriotic love family feelings

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