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Chinese oil painting painting club is road to development of art of how

Like the scenery was a long time ago. Like painting, enjoy sketch is 3 years. Especially the 3 years, 6 years. With a bunch of big shots out of wholesale oil painting the country sketch is benefit a lot. In recent years and some friends and I sketch a lot of time together. A little tired is tired, can see yourself so much over the years of work, the more happy heart. Many years passed, and still can feel the burning passion.
Go where. Everyone has a kind of set up. Many hands make light work. See the work of others will also motivate yourself. In order not to be abandoned, let's pulse beats with the world.
08 October. I start the Chinese oil painting sketch club. To build Chinese oil painting sketch. I sent an AD on the Internet. Didn't resonate with many, very quick group is full, but people still follow. 2 I built. Can everyone to, or in a group of small group have been able to meet the needs. I specified in the group of the system, membership, sketch operation way, the articles of association of the club, and so on rules and regulations.
March 09 we organized wuyuan sketch activities. The scores of people went to jiangxi, there are many player. It should be said that a very successful event. I recommend YuZhenHai do in the event, because I think he is a very broad mind. Painting level is very high. Because the club is my form, so you let me do the standing vice custom portrait painting President, everybody discussion decided finally, yu, chairman of zhenhai, vice chairman of South Korea in the spring of Cheng Xiaoguang, secretary general Chen Zhengshuai. And the club's each rules and regulations strictly. Established the membership fee system, set up QQ super group. I was looking for a student, his classmate help me to set up a QQ super group, everybody discussion decided to 40 yuan per person per year, maintaining the normal operation of the lately technical problems, until the sea in shandong find friends set up a new group of the emergencies. This the campaign influence and encouraged a large number of people. Many people have become very good friends.
Wuyuan is returned, Cheng Xiaoguang NieXiongWei went to northern shaanxi sketch. Went to hebei Chen Zhengshuai sketch has made great achievement.
During the summer vacation we organize activities of the sketch of the four sketch point, shandong merchant. Henan taihang, gansu about. Zhongshan in guangdong. Because the person is little, decentralized, more conducive to study. During this time you out of the good work, sketch mechanism to further improve.
Sketch I consult with Chen Zhengshuai during the annual, decided to do it. Had planned to have a number, the painter charge layout, art print. Because of funding problems, we finally reach the opinion is cancelled, the number of free painter, art print 1000 copies, 300 copies to communicate, 700 sold to recover the cost. This matter to is handsome. I phone YuZhenHai NieXiongWei, Cheng Xiaoguang, etc.
Because there are a lot of people can't get to the Internet, I established the fetion, set up information platform, we greatly reduce the cost of my communication, is conducive to communication.
Because some low quality is always the people in the group of disruptive, swearing, unhealthy pictures. During this watch but there are also some people quit. Because everyone used to virtual life, speak recklessly, many people don't adapt to the system and are not allowed to send advertising system, has also been put forward. Many people have misunderstanding for me, and even scare me. But I think people don't even willing to use real name, how may be honest and frank anyway. I decided to more discipline strictly for the club. The employee strictly, applies a system of on duty every day. In order to expand influence, I let wang BBS. Xiesheng.5d6d.com. BBS established is not popular, I consult with wang, a few good management. Also some waste time here is not willing to do. Finally, we determine several responsible person.
Have greater appeal to club, I contacted the Dai Shihe, sun jianping, four Deng Guoyuan, Wang Kun teacher let them do our honorary chairman. And joint wear teacher, teacher sun out a set of collections.
In many people's mind, this is just a virtual space. Is a dispensable thing, this is a lot of don't understand. Also some people don't willing to waste their time to do things for you. But I think this is my career, while there are many difficulties, but I can overcome.
I can know a lot of friends through this platform. Can easily go to paint all over the country. Can to know many teacher, can let more and more collectors, gallery to know me more... I think relative to my pay, I already get too much...
The club is no ready-made routines, we in the groping forward. Do we have a lot of bad place, our strength is small, but we have been working on. Club is a platform of people's communication, it will load the art history. Will become China's largest oil painting club...
As we write on card: we love sketch, we the hobo...
This is our ideal

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