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Culture media undertake contemporary society and Chinese oil painting exhibition

After more than a year of intense preparations, wholesale oil painting under the positive support of social from all walks of life, work and selection of the collection of the end of the work has been smooth, exhibition, scheduled for November 13, 2010 in national art museum of China.
"Oil painting art and contemporary society, the Chinese oil painting exhibition" is a new topic for the development of Chinese oil painting in the new period of discussion and research of academic exhibitions, is a showcase of the creation of the related. Nearly 30 years, the development of Chinese oil painting has made great progress, show the flowers bloom. But deep cutting to a higher level, it is subject to our efforts to explore. Development request of the era of Chinese oil painting pay further attention to contemporary Chinese society, it should not only reflected by the works of contemporary social life, more in-depth level, the spirit of contemporary society and tightly linked together, make the artistic creation of contemporary characterization and important component of social spirit, further show the spiritual world of contemporary Chinese, make the Chinese oil painting has a more profound humanistic spirit. Thus a stronger performance of today's society new changes, reflect the spirit. Both in content and form a more effective play to the artistic features of Chinese oil painting, which requires the painter in China, on the premise of master wholesale portrait painting artistic expression, with a new perspective on contemporary social life as a deep observation and performance, makes the Chinese oil painting has more times; Give full play to the oil painting art charm, the introduction of modern aesthetic concept and visual experience. In the form of oil painting language level, and further explore and improve the expressive force of local cultural characteristics, carry forward the art originality. Achieve this goal, the painter was required a more in-depth study of traditional Chinese culture and understanding its artistic spirit, the construction of Chinese modern oil painting and Chinese contemporary cultural construction, building painting school with Chinese cultural characteristics, is the art of contemporary Chinese oil painters have to face to solve this problem.
In 2010 coincided with the 15th anniversary of the founding of China oil painting society, China oil painting society will hold a series of celebration activities. Is fifteen years since 1995, our country is forging ahead in the economic and cultural aspects of 15 years, the diversification of Chinese oil painting art, there is an unprecedented progress. Launched by China oil painting society and participate in a series of exhibitions, is the epitome of Chinese oil painting development and support. The exhibition is to a gift of the 15th anniversary of the founding of China oil painting society.
The exhibition organizing committee received across the country a total of more than 3600 pieces, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, pictures, around the painter with strong historical sense of mission and the rigorous academic attitude, actively create new works to participate in the exhibition. After two rounds of secret ballot art committee of experts, selected 420 works participated in the original list, and after a serious of the original selection, finally 246 works included in the exhibition. Exhibition will take nine national art museum of China exhibition hall. This exhibition is the quantity and ZhanXian length are both work in recent years, the largest, will also is the Chinese oil painting since entering the new century of a high level of important academic exhibition of oil paintings

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