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One like you,named Yang sushan,Chen Zhujun oil painting exhibition at all collection gallery

On September 18, 2010 (99 art network Yang Yin) at 4 PM, the "unique, named Yang sushan, Chen Zhujun oil painting exhibition" in the grand opening portrait painting of all collection gallery. The exhibition is the first time since 2006 after two Hong Kong artists, the second exhibition held in Beijing. Two artists have notice from a different perspective, emotion and painting style to look at life. They work with rich rhythm, vivid painting brush strokes to show their unique cognitive pulsation to visual life. Likewise, they prefer to use color to create the coordination and contrast, led the audience to a deeper level of sensory experience and introspective journey ahead.
Exhibition site we see an artist named Yang sushan with bright color style paintings. Artists peculiar to women of color sensitive to express emotions - passion and tension. At the same time, she works with the eternal and universal, which inspired the mysterious atmosphere, promote the possibility of multi-cultural communication. At the same time, the artist by means of characteristic of bright colors as important elements of the visual experience of color is transformed into a kind of art related to the soul. This transformation not only enables the observer to realize the object of peace, and to "the clear bosom view" to highlight the artist's personal feelings, this is also the artist to complete the course of excavation and scrutinized.
Artist Chen Zhujun still is a graphic design worker,custom portrait painting but she get started since 2005 art experience and exploration tour, and create a series of very creative work. She actively try to use different media, including plastic color and oil paints; She is especially good at using a visual impact of black, and in selecting and processing can be tricky. It can be said that the artist Chen Zhujun painting to paint thick for characteristics and strong emotions will be your life experience as a source of creation, constantly to their own unique abstract painting expression.
Two women's passion for painting art is to support their continuous exploration and practice. While inspire each other, share the passion for the art. The exhibition this time, the recent works out to share with you, hope that the viewer can feel the same passion for art and persistence, life should be so plump

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