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Greek President met Chinese painter Jiang Guofang is highest courtesy to foreigners

Greek President karolos papoulias 15 meeting at the presidential palace Chinese painter, professor of central academy of drama Jiang Guofang.
Papoulias is a connoisseur of art, especially love the ancient Chinese art. China's reform and opening up 30 years, he said, is not only made great custom oil painting achievements in terms of economy, in the field of culture and art are also outstanding. Two ancient civilizations can not only show the ancient Greece art, also should be results presented to the world of contemporary art.
Jiang Guofang, said his trip to Athens, the main purpose is to study, find the source and communication, hope to the acropolis in Athens, on behalf of the ancient Greek civilization and on behalf of the Chinese ancient civilization of Beijing's Forbidden City, and through the way of art, make people further understand the two splendid culture of ancient Greek. He will collect the acropolis in Greece material, in the acropolis museum in March next year the city of David, the Forbidden City oil painting exhibition.
Papoulias expressed appreciation and support ideas, believe the cultural exchanges between the two countries is very important, in the hope that the oil painting reproductions joint efforts of both sides to implement this plan.
Luo linquan told China's ambassador to Greece and Greece's former ambassador to China, Mr Stefano prologis attended the meeting. , said luo linquan told papoulias met an artist from China, according to the President to developing bilateral relations and cultural exchanges.
Jiang Guofang successively in the central academy of fine arts and the central academy of drama, the creation of the Forbidden City series began in 1987, series oil painting exhibition held in the Palace Museum in 2004 the Forbidden City. He has been in the United States, Italy, Germany and Thailand and other countries a one-man show and art exhibition

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